I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. at the Institute of Artificial Intelligence in Medicine at the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Before starting my doctoral studies, I worked as an applied scientist at HITeC e.V., where I focused on bridging the gap between research and industry by implementing AI technologies, particularly in computer vision and NLP. Both my master’s and bachelor’s degrees were earned at the RWTH Aachen. For my master’s thesis, I specialized in enhancing audio signals by recovering them from noisy and filtered input. Currently, my research is centered around mechanistic interpretability, a field within interpretability that aims to uncover human-understandable features in machine learning models and how they evolve and propagate through the network.


  • Mechanistic interpretability
  • Differential privacy


  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (M.Sc.), 2020

    RWTH Aachen

  • Electrical Engineering and Information Technology (B.Sc.), 2017

    RWTH Aachen